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In Suisse Hotel you can relax watching your favourite TV show or movie because all the rooms are provided with remote controlled colour TV sets showing a lot of local TV stations (cable TV) as well as international broadcasts (satellite transmitted). The busy persons can organize a mobile office right in their rooms because those are standard equipped with phone lines and AC plugs.

All Suisse Hotel rooms offer you the comfort you deserve by air conditioning and heating system with individual adjustment. There is nothing more comfortable than a nice hot bath, which will make the shower/bath of each room a pleasant detail of your journey at Suisse.

Accommodation also provides you with laundry services.

The hotel also has an elevator for the three floors.
Suisse Hotel also provides you a non-stop bar .. ..

Open: Mon. 8.00 - Sat. 12.00

Suisse accepts all type of credit cards. Accommodation check in time is eleven am; check out time is twelve am.

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